Community Service


Professor Ian Frazer Humanitarian Award


Lion’s District Governor’s Excellence Award

Warren Loos, the founder of Smartview Financial Services Pty Ltd has been actively involved in several Lions Community Service Projects since being a member of the Lions Club of Moorooka for the last 5 years.

His most recent involvement has been to initiate and sponsor the Sri Lanka Clean Water Project of the Lions Club of Moorooka where over $155,000 Australian Dollars were raised so that nearly thirty thousand people in 21 villages were provided clean drinking water through a reverse osmosis process in the rice-growing Anuradhapura District of Sri Lanka so that they will not get the dreaded Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) that has killed over 22,000 people in over 6 years.

With the incidence of this dreaded CKD disease in the District being 16-20% and the incidence of the disease doubling every 4 years in the district (4% in 2004, 8% in 2008, 16% in 2012) from the last available statistics and most victims succumbing to the disease after suffering immensely for long periods especially in the last years of their lives, this project has potentially saved the lives of several thousand people from fatally contracting the CKD disease in areas where the Reverse Osmosis plants were installed in the 21 villages that encompassed the project. For full details of this humanitarian project, please see the attached presentation.

For this life-saving project, Warren was awarded the Professor Ian Frazer Humanitarian Award for 2015 on the recommendation of the Lions Club of Moorooka and also the Lions District Governors Excellence award for 2015/16.

Warren’s wife, Samantha Loos, too is actively involved in a number of Lions Club of Moorooka projects and is the current Treasurer of the Club. Among her notable contributions is delivering the main speech of the 2014 Australian Day ceremony and presenting awards on that day where nearly 150 prominent members of the Brisbane community were recognised for their outstanding service to the community and also presenting Citizenship certificates to nearly 400 permanent residents of over 30 countries that were made Australian citizens on that Australia Day.