Investing through SMSF’s

Brisbane Investing Thru SMSFsWhether establishing a SMSF could be an effective strategy for you or continuing to remain with a traditional superannuation fund will be assessed by Warren & his team at Smartview Finance, based on your financial goals, size of your proposed SMSF & considering other factors such as age, tax implications and estate planning.

When we establish that a SMSF is suitable for you, we will work closely with your tax accountant and/or financial adviser or in the alternative, refer you to our designated team of tax accountants and financial advisers. This will ensure that not only are the numerous obligations imposed on SMSF’s by regulatory authorities such as the ATO & ASIC being adhered to, but also ensure that we take all necessary steps and measures to ensure that the fund structure in setting up the SMSF is appropriate to you based on the big picture. We then recommend & implement investment choices that complement your future financial goals and strategies.

In addition to the above, we will make sure that the investments we make for you are tailored to suit the different phases of your life especially when you move from accumulation to income stream stages.

Another aspect our SMSF’s is that besides providing the most competitive & attractive terms with respect to your investments, we endeavour to ensure that you have complete control and flexibility over your SMSF & we provide you with the support & guidance to enable this to take place on a on-going basis.